Privacy Policy


Reinhard Rieder

Salzburger Str. 2

83435 Bad Reichenhall

Telefon: +49 151 67632941


Collection of Data

In-App Purchases

Turbosounds offers In-App Purchases. A form of authentication involving the user’s iTunes Apple ID is required to make an In-App Purchase, such as a password, Touch ID, or Face ID. This authentication is performed by the operating system, not by the app. The app does not have access to the Apple ID or the authentication data.

External Websites

In certain screens the app provides links to external websites by Reinhard Rieder. These web links are opened in the web browser app that is installed as the default web browser on the device. The Turbosounds app does not have the possibility to collect data from these websites. This privacy policy does not cover the collection of data on those websites.

Internal Websites

In certain functions of the Turbosounds app there are help screens available. These help screens display websites, as requested through an external web link, in a web view inside the app. The contents of these external links are located at Reinhard Rieder’s web space.

The operating system on the user’s device must compose and transmit HTTP requests, including the device’s IP address, in order to load help screen content. However, the app does not acquire the IP address or any data related to these requests.

App Settings

The user is able to adjust settings in the Turbosounds app, and to create and modify sessions with virtual musical instruments. These sessions do not contain personal data. They are stored on the device and can be deleted by the user. Settings data can be removed by deleting the entire app from the device.

Microphone, Audio Inputs

The app gives the user the ability to enable audio inputs to be routed to the audio outputs (pass-through).

Audio inputs can also be the microphones of the device. Audio data can be saved to local storage if the user activates the recording function. The recording function records all audio, including audio inputs and generated sound by the musical instruments. Stored audio data does not contain any personal data. The recording function can be stopped by the user at any time.


The Turbosounds app offers a function to send an email to Reinhard Rieder in request of support.

For the composition of the email a dialog is provided by the operating system. The app does not process, collect, or store any data entered by the user, such as sender email address, subject, body, attachments, or mail headers.